Jan 26, 2011

Week 16, League Recap

Well, last week we played great...and had a little luck!

Ryan and I both had an ERO with a bank on the 8 ball...my dad made a bank on the ball before the 8 ball (and almost missed a straight in 8 ball). We won 17 out of 25 games and were probably 7 out of 9 on bank shots for the night...our opponents were as shocked as we were.

We have again extended our lead to 7 rounds, gaining 1 on Broken English last week. Chas headed up to Steamboat to do a little skiing last weekend and Ryan's brother played and had a good night (he was high on our team with a 47)

This week we play at Heidelberg's and Chas will be joining us again assuming that he doesn't have a broken break arm!

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