Jan 14, 2011

Solution #19

I would first look at my safety options since there isn't an easy shot...

You're window behind the 2 ball and 8 ball is pretty good in size, but the 5 ball isn't located in a prime spot to get the cueball snookered.

I think I'd probably be successful 6 out of 10 times at getting the cueball in the safety zone. I'll probably make the bank shot on the 5 ball 2 out of 10. By making the bank, it would improve my position in getting a good safety or a shot at the 2 ball. The safety behind the 8 ball doesn't appear too tough. If I do leave an opening to the 15 ball, the 8 ball is blocked in one of the corners...so it isn't a clear sell-out.

Another safety has a smaller window in that the 8 ball will be the prime ball to hide the cueball behind. This is definitely a speed shot and requires some practice to feel comfortable and become successful at this safety.

An aggressive approach would be to shoot the 2 ball in the corner and try to manuever the cueball around to get shape. You're shape is definitely still a variable and you may end up worse that you started.

What would you do? Drop a comment!

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