Jan 24, 2011

Great Plains 8 Ball

My wife and I didn't fare well in singles, and my team had a rough go at it this last weekend. We had a tough draw in the first round of team and had our openings...we were down 11 with 2 games left against Rex, Jay, Chris and Sam and couldn't quite pull it out.

I should have opened with a runout, but messed it up...then had a 2nd chance against Sam when this happened. This mistake resulted in a 10 point difference in the end!

Dumb shot on my part...

I then had a nice run against Jay and decided to take a long 8 ball instead of try and weave my way through traffic. This one cost us another 10 balls!

Our team is now prepping up for a good finish at Midwest!

I guess it could have been worse...and I was the guy scratching his noggin on the cover of the Lincoln newspaper!

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