Jan 27, 2012

WW Gold Update

After ending up 3-3 the last two weeks, we were a little disappointed. Mainly because we were up 3-1 going into the last round both times, and managed to lose the last round bad enough to lose total as well. This week, we played the 3rd place Kingpins and started off with 10-1 ERO and 10-0 ERO in the first round. Another guy on our team broke dry in the 1st round and had an ERO against him 0-10.

We managed to sneak out the 1st round, and didn't really have a chance until the last round. I needed to win my last game to go 2-4, but didn't get it after messing up my runout twice and tying up a couple balls.

We have our bye next week, then I'll miss pool the next week as my wife and I will be going on a cruise.

Jan 20, 2012

Heartland Pool Tournament 2012

I sat out of singles this year to take the kids to the grandparents after school, but my wife played pretty well in Women's singles taking 7th out of 40 or so. Steph, who is on her team was shooting well, and ended up winning the whole thing. My wife won some money in singles and their team started off hot in team winning their first 2 matches. Then the lost to Charlies Angels, and had to play a tough match to get in the money...I think it was $450 for 1st, and $200 for 2nd. If they lose they ended up getting 3rd and $0.

Their pool match came down to the last game, with the winner of the game winning the match for their team. Steph had her 8 ball tied up, and the other girl kept playing safeties. Steph played smart buy handing her ball-in-hand a couple times since scratching on the 8 ball would lose the game and match.

But with her opponent down to the last ball, she tried a soft kick and barely scratched. It may have worked if the 8 would have been hit more head on. This was about 11:30 PM on Saturday night.

My team had won our first 2 matches, then lost the 3rd match after lunch. We had a long break before we won a couple more matches to get down to 9th out of 90 teams (I think). Our team came down to winner for the match, and it ended up being a big safety game. Tom tried a tough jump and gave the opponent a seemingly easy ball-in-hand runout, with only a solid and the 8 ball left. Then he decided to give us some hope:

After about 45 seconds of deliberation, he decided to kick it in (really only option) and made it to a huge cheer of the other team. We were left with $200 ($320 minimum if we continue on) and a little disappointed. Would have much rather seen him get easy shape on the 8 and drop it.

The team that beat us, ended up losing their next match...

Fun weekend, we will probably have to either play intermediate or change our team next year.