Solutions 2010

This is my weekly challenge page, here you will find all 17 challenges I had on my site in 2010. This list keeps getting longer so I chopped them off at the end of the year.

You can click on each challenge to visit the original post and any comments that were left. The images are also a link to the original post...


Solution #1 - 8 Ball Run Out, opponent rattled 8 and left in front of pocket


Solution #2 - 8 Ball Run Out, Opponent broke and made nothing

Video Attempt here


8 Ball Run Challenge #3, run these..

I like taking the tough 6 ball here to start off the run, really the key ball is only the 7 ball after you drop the 6


This Eight-ball Runout is definitely do-able!


Here is my solution to runout this rack


I think I'd run this rack about 1 out of 4 times!

So would you take solids or stripes?


How would you start this 8 ball run out?


Opening shot could have been another sellout, have to take your chances at running stripes!


I think both of these are very "runable", what chances do you give yourself...I figure I should run this rack half the time since it is wide open with options!


This rack is a tough one...but I'd probably start with the problem balls since the combo looks dead and has a helper ball it you miss it a little bit.


My 8 Ball Run Solution


Your opponent missed his 6 ball and gave you another chance...although they got lucky in leaving you a tougher shot.


This weeks challege comes from a match I was playing in a recent tournament...there are a couple different ways to get out here, but the way I did it seemed wrong to my opponent.


You are solids
Run these!


This 8 ball run challenge comes from one of my dry breaks a couple weeks back.


Your opponent scratched making his last solid and trying to break out the 8 ball. You have stripes and ball-in this game!


You are lucky...your opponent rattled the 8 ball (and broke his stick on the table) and you have a chance to beat him.

Definitely not easy...