Jun 21, 2011

Spring Pool League Standings

We started off the short spring season very rough with a 5-7 record, but managed to get on a tear and finish 12-0 the last two weeks to win the league. After half the season (6 weeks), we were in 4th with our toughest opponent being Rock Bottom. We went 2-4 the first week against them and then 4-2 in our rematch which came down to the last game of the night at our bar.

Everyone play well on our team this short season, we certainly left a few games on the table...I know I botched 2 ERO's myself. Overall, I shot well...I had 4 ERO's against me out of the 11 games I lost which doesn't seem too bad. I missed out on all the individual stats since I had such a poor average when I lost only scoring 37 balls in 11 losses (3.5 average).

It was fun shooting with these guys, most of us are playing together this summer in the 9 ball at Madsen's. Hopefully we can do well in this league, but it is always fun to change it up to 9 ball.