Jan 11, 2011

Week #14 League Stats

Our team had another awesome week, winning 6-0 at home against the now 10th place Sun Valley team. We started off hot winning 50-20 the first round, then we had 3 out of 4 games come down to the last game of the round...we got em all. Our team won 8 ball games 17-8 and further extended our lead in the league to 7 rounds.

I won all 5 last week, up to 9 in a row and had 1 ERO and messed up one in the last round. The team is doing well overall, going to have our first sub in a couple weeks for Chas...

4th through 11th in the stats are pretty tightly grouped. The top 3 teams this season finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th LAST SEASON... the 4th place team (us last season) stole a player from the last season 2nd place team. The

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