Jan 4, 2011

Cross My Fingers...And Hope To Die?

This finger art makes sense of the whole finger crossing bit...

Why do we cross our fingers...according to WikiPedia

Crossed fingers behind the back can also be used when making a promise or a claim to indicate that you are lying. This has been used in television and movies to clue in the viewers while keeping other characters in the dark.

When a suspected witch crossed your path, you could make a cross shortcut by crossing your index and second finger or the index fingers of both hands. This would provide protection and ward off the evil influence. Just like in Dracula movies, it was believed the power of the cross or any religious talisman would combat the forces of darkness.

Edit: "Who's the naked guy on the left?"


Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show...LOL

There was one empty seat at the Super Bowl!


  1. Who's the naked guy on the left?

  2. I had this posted on my page lastweek, I was very disturbed by it The guy had tagged me & 5 other females on the finger that has the knife up to the throat. He picked 6 girls that all had same style & color hair & similarities that made all of us alike. FB labeled it as a threat. An the law said it could be charged as a felony act. I just wanted to share that there is crazy people out there & everybody don't use it as the same meaning...Thank you...


Whattya think hustler?