Nov 30, 2010

League Update, Week 10

Well, our last pool league night didn't go well against the new #1 team in our started off really cruel the first round when this bad double-kiss roll that Ryan got cost us the first round.

After the left their best player who is 39-6 overall in league an easy out. I would have done the same thing for the breakout most likely...

We ended up fighting back to 2-2, down 3 or so balls going into the last round. Chas (35-5) broke dry, but left it wide open to get ERO' was the battle of the two top records in the league in that game and we got, well unlucky.

I played poorly my last game missing a breakout shot with ball in hand...and we lost the last round 50-20ish.

We will get to play these guys again in the week 12 position mercy! (and maybe a few rolls...)

Here are the updated standings for week 10...the top team has their bye this week and we play the Felt Lizards and need all 6 to stay within striking distance of Broken English

Nov 28, 2010

Challenge #13

This weeks challege comes from a match I was playing in a recent tournament...there are a couple different ways to get out here, but the way I did it seemed wrong to my opponent.

There are a hundred ways to get out...but a million ways to screw it up!

Nov 26, 2010

Solution #12

This runout of stripes is not extremely difficult...a master opponent will probably get out half the time or so. I'd say I'm 50/50 in making the 11 ball and getting shape on the 14 ball.

The safety may be a little more difficult to get successfully, I hesitate to play a safety against a good player...but may do this against a weaker player. This logic has gotten me into trouble before as well.

This safety is maybe a better option since it will leave the 1 ball in a double kiss bank angle.

Nov 24, 2010

Who Is Awesome?

Just my daily reminder...

Need to start grabbing 2 on pool league nights...they have been rough lately!

Nov 21, 2010

Challenge #12

You opponent missed his 6 ball and gave you another chance...although they got lucky in leaving you a tougher shot.

Nov 19, 2010

Solution #11

I would probably try this 2 way shot here. If you can leave the cueball on the top right part of the table, you should have shape for your last ball and make it tough for your opponent if you miss.

Probably make this cut shot 3 out of 10

The alternative is a safety, the perfect shot would hide the cueball behind the 11. Getting your 11 off the rail is also a positive to this shot. The down side is that a little "roll-out" on the table could cause you to scratch or double hit the 11 ball.

Turning the table, if I were solid...the runout is tough even if you make the 7 ball in the side. You'll need a good angle on the 2 ball to get shape in a small window for the 6 ball.

This safety is pretty easy, just FIRST: make sure you make the 12 ball in the combo. SECOND: Error on rolling the cueball too far forcing your opponent to bank if you don't hook him behind the 7 ball.

Nov 17, 2010

Too Disturbing To Disturb

Found this sign on BestWTF...

"In retrospect, designating "Harder!" as the safe word wasn't such a good idea."

It's disturbing enough!

Nov 16, 2010

League Week 9

Well, last week was our bye week...and we managed to drop from 1st to 2nd when we didn't even play?

The top standings is based on win percentage and Broken English went 6-0 again last week to pass us even though we had a 1 round lead before.

Tomorrow we play the 1st place team at our bar (Cappy's)...last season I think we beat them all 3 times we played them. So we definitely have their number, it would be nice to 6-0 them like we did last year a couple times.

Their team is pretty much the same and our team is a stronger than last year, should be a good prediction is a 4-2 victory. A bad night would be 2-4 them and I wouldn't be surprised if I was writing that we went 6-0 again on Thursday morning.

We have struggled a little the past couple weeks...we've won total by 20 and ended up 3-3 for instance.

The 3rd place team isn't close enough to prevent a rematch in a couple weeks in the position round. My prediction is 8-4 in our upcoming matches against Broken English...

We will likely be playing this team 4 times, as compared to the rest of the teams being played twice. If anything, this ought to bring 3rd place a little closer...especially if we dominate these matches like we did last year!

Nov 14, 2010

Challenge #11

Your opponent missed and got a fortunate leave...

You are stripes, what do you do?

I guess you could shoot the 8 ball in and go home...

Nov 12, 2010

Solution #10

This rack is a tough one...but I'd probably start with the problem balls since the combo looks dead and has a helper ball it you miss it a little bit.

The 14 ball is not the best choice to save for last...or before the 8 ball. This ball is a little tricky, especially in the side-pocket. The last shot before the 8 ball leaves a possibility of giving the table to your opponent...other suggestions?

Nov 10, 2010

Camera On A Stick

....believe it or not, that stick is pretty popular. here is the site for that thing

I love the fact that someone took the time to take a picture of this person....taking a picture of themselves

Now all we need is a photo of this photographer taking a picture of the camera on a stick lady.

Nov 7, 2010

Challenge #10

This runout has a couple balls tied up...but the rest of the balls are almost separated to different ends of the table...

How would you do this?

Nov 5, 2010

Solution #9

I think both of these are very "runable", what chances do you give yourself...I figure I should run this rack half the time since it is wide open with options!

I mess this up more than I'd like to...

I should try this 10 times in a row on video to see how many times I mess it up...would take a while to set up the runout each time though. Hmmm

Nov 3, 2010

How To Break 8 Ball

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been in a dry spell for breaks lately...but my break has been letting me down lately. The last 4 weeks of league I have broke 10 times and only made a ball 4 of those times, no scratches. 60% dry breaks is probably just a statistical anomaly.

Here is how I typically break, and am usually 80% effective at making a ball with a nice spread. I scratch probably 1 out of 15.

Here are some other ways that I broke until I finally settled on the above method.

These are a couple of the less serious ways that I have broke, usually in a fun side game...but I did look and there is no rule against hitting a rail before the cueball strikes the rack.

How do you break...drop a comment!


Nov 2, 2010

Week 7 League Update

We played the 4th place team (now 5th place team) last week, and played pretty well as a team. Our team won 12 out of the first 15 games and then we went downhill...losing 6 out of the last 10 and both the last two rounds. We didn't even have a J├Ągerbomb, but I like this guys costume!

So we ended up going 4-2 last week, I won my first 4 (with an ERO the 2nd game)...finally made a ball on the break! Then I lost my last game after my opponent broke dry...I had a good chance to run out with one problem ball. I went for the tough shape on my first ball and didn't get it. I missed my next shot since I didn't have a back-up option. My opponent ran 3 or 4 and missed, but left me a tough combo with really no safety option...since he rattled his miss in front of the pocket. I lost 1-10...

We play the Barra Cudas this week, and need to have a good week as Broken English has went 17-1 the past 3 weeks and is gaining.  Next week we have a bye, then we play the 2nd place team before the Thanksgiving break.