Dec 28, 2008

Eric Yow Videos

Saw him in the semifinals of the trick shot magic against Dr Cue. I remember looking at his trick shot site 2 or 3 years ago....looks like he's come around.

Here's an old youtube video with 300,000 views that was uploaded in June of 2006.

Here's another clip from Eric Yow, acting like Tiger Woods!

Dec 15, 2008

Mid-season League Update

Pool leagues on Sunday went great yet again. Went 5-0 in leagues, with a 50-18 point spread. This brings my win streak to 7 and my record to 43-7 in this league. had a tough run out in my first game, the 8 ball was tied up and I went for rail-first shape.

My other option would have been to try and drive the cueball in between the stripes, but I didn't like my chances of getting a shot.

About two-thirds through our fall pool leagues, our team is in 1st on Sunday, and my record is 43-7 with 5 EROs

And on our high roller league our team is in 7th, but only 2 rounds out of 4th. We are the best Drifter's team out of 5, maybe we'll win a prize for that! I have a 30-35 record with 6 EROs...blown quite a few games and had 8 EROs against me.

Dec 10, 2008

Unlucky Pool Night

Well, our team again won all 6 rounds and extend our lead to 6 I think. I started off hot with a break and run...then my luck turned to about the worst I've ever seen.

After I lost the 2nd game, I was looking to lose my 3rd until my opponent missed the 8. But he left be with very little...

My last game, the same thing happened where my opponent miscued and got bad shape on the 8...then he missed it leaving me another tough shot. Tried a safety behind the 2 and didn't get it, got lucky and my opponent missed the open 8.

Nov 30, 2008

8 Ball League Update

Our team finally made a comeback in our league, winning 4-2 against the last place team. My first game I broke dry and got ran out on for an 0-10, but managed to win my other 4 games to shoot a 40.  The first round we were down 8-30 after 3 games to lose the first round.

The last round I broke and ran out for a lucky 10-0 since I nearly scratched for 8 ball shape and got lucky to make the tough 8 ball I had left.  The last 2 guys on our team lost, and we ended up losing the last round also.

This brings my master league record to 22-23 with 6 EROS.

Substitute League Night...

Filled in for a team last night, won 4 out of 5 and lost on a break and run 0-10. The last game I worked out a runout that I appeared to mess up when my shape rolled a little too far. Ended up having a masse', not an easy little squirt curve...but a "roll 3 feet, then curve" kinda shot. After I made it, it resulted in my first fist pump in pool in a loooooonnng time.

Nov 4, 2008

Gibby's GI Tournament

Played in the Fall Classic 9 ball tournament in Grand Island this weekend with my wife...I shot well, but my wife drew last years womens champ the first round and it went downhill for her.

Squeezed a small money match in while waiting in the tournament...and I maintained my AzB King Nebr title. Not as good of new in the Fall Classic in Grand Island....which drew a couple ringers from Iowa and Colorado. Race to 7/6 double elim...

I won my first match 7-5, then lost 4-7..messing up a couple easy runouts. In the losers bracket I won 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Then I got down 4-5 and broke and ran to make to hill-hill. The last game was mostly a safety game, then I had the first chance to get out. I missed the 6 in the side, and my opponent ran out...this will eat me for a while since this woulda got me into the money. Basically at least a $40 miss! Here's the layout...

EDIT: Found out that K. Sabin, the one I missed this shot against...ended up getting 2nd and $450, plus $500 for the calcutta.  Grrr..

Oct 21, 2008

Shooting The Wrong Ball

I won all 5 of my games and improved my record to 17-3 in the league. We have the team tied with us for 1st this sunday and I will be gone to Dallas for a couple days. Hopefully my sub can carry me!!

Got pretty lucky this game when I scratched when I tried to break out my last ball...

He came up to the table and shot the wrong me BIH on the 8.  Pretty nice guy....that doesn't happen very often!

Sep 29, 2008

8 Ball Run Out

Falling behind with my league updates, but I'll give it a go.

Wednesday Master league...

First game, broke and made nothing, and my opponent had an easy layout..but missed leaving the ball in the jaws.  Of course I had no easy shot, with the best defensive or offensive shot being about an 70-80%.  And I missed it, losing 0-10

Next rack my opponent broke and came up dry...I ran out the rack with awesome shape, shown below in the images.

We were 1-1 on the rounds going in the 3rd game.  Me and another guy were last for the round, and we needed to win one of the games for the round.  Playling on 2-tables, we both broke and scratched and got ran out on 10-0, 10-0.

We ended up going 2-4 for the night...dropping to 4th out of 12.

Apr 4, 2008

2008 Fall City Tournament

Told my team that I couldn't make it to Midwest in a few months, but we did fare well in the City tournaments.

Speed Pool: Qualified with 1:11, 1:06, 1:03, 1:01 & finally 48 seconds. Every 3 attempts cost me $5 and I was on my fourth Jackson... Top 4 made the final with a heads up race to 2 format. I ended up with 3rd place and won my $20 2 split the money.

City Team: Our team won the A division undefeated, one of the guys on our team won the Master's singles too.

Master Singles: Lost my first match 1-3, then in my second match I was up 2-0 and I scratched on the break. He ran out, then broke and ran out....then I had the break the last game, didn't make shit on the break and he again ran out. OUCH...

Mar 14, 2008

2008 Fall League Recap

Just wrapped up the fall seasons and I've been a little distant the past few months... we just found out that we are having a second child too! Hoping for a boy...but I do love my little girl.

Here's how our season ended for the leagues

Sunday Peels
8.443 Average
2.574 Power Average
11 EROs

Wed Gold
7.324 Average
0.819 Power Average
6 EROs

Substitute Record
8.273 Average
2.060 Power Average
2 EROs

7.963 Average
1.784 Power Average
19 EROs

Winning Percentage 64.3%
ERO Percentage 7.4%