Dec 28, 2008

Eric Yow Videos

Saw him in the semifinals of the trick shot magic against Dr Cue. I remember looking at his trick shot site 2 or 3 years ago....looks like he's come around.

Here's an old youtube video with 300,000 views that was uploaded in June of 2006.

Here's another clip from Eric Yow, acting like Tiger Woods!

Dec 15, 2008

Mid-season League Update

Pool leagues on Sunday went great yet again. Went 5-0 in leagues, with a 50-18 point spread. This brings my win streak to 7 and my record to 43-7 in this league. had a tough run out in my first game, the 8 ball was tied up and I went for rail-first shape.

My other option would have been to try and drive the cueball in between the stripes, but I didn't like my chances of getting a shot.

About two-thirds through our fall pool leagues, our team is in 1st on Sunday, and my record is 43-7 with 5 EROs

And on our high roller league our team is in 7th, but only 2 rounds out of 4th. We are the best Drifter's team out of 5, maybe we'll win a prize for that! I have a 30-35 record with 6 EROs...blown quite a few games and had 8 EROs against me.

Dec 10, 2008

Unlucky Pool Night

Well, our team again won all 6 rounds and extend our lead to 6 I think. I started off hot with a break and run...then my luck turned to about the worst I've ever seen.

After I lost the 2nd game, I was looking to lose my 3rd until my opponent missed the 8. But he left be with very little...

My last game, the same thing happened where my opponent miscued and got bad shape on the 8...then he missed it leaving me another tough shot. Tried a safety behind the 2 and didn't get it, got lucky and my opponent missed the open 8.