Jan 21, 2011

Solution #20

This situation I think it is pretty tough to try for a breakout shot with the 8 ball in the middle of the action.

For solids, I think the best option is a safety to open your ball up and make your opponent give you ball in hand.

Here I like this safety because it will make it very difficult to hit the stripe with the 8 ball in the way of the 1 rail kick.

Now, turning the tables...if my opponent left me like this, I would probably try to tie up the 2 ball again to hope for a better option next time. This will give my opponent ball in hand again.

The breakout off the ball in front of the side pocket is still a possibility, but I still prefer to position my balls instead.

These kind of safety games can go on for a while...sometimes one gets frustrated and gives up. At the start of this, the one with ball-in hand had the "advantage" in winning this games. Probably 8 or 9 out of 10 games should be won.

What is your opinion?

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