Oct 3, 2012

2012-2013 Fall Leagues Get Going

After a successful 9 ball league this summer, I am dialed in to have an awesome fall season in my pool leagues. Our team has shifted this season since Chas started a new job on late shift and we picked up a relatively new league player. After playing the 1st place team in week one with a 1-5 start, we have managed to come around the last couple weeks to a record of 8-10.

VVS has changed things up a little bit this season with only 8 team in 4 divisions instead of the 11 teams we had last season in 3 different divisions.  I like this method since it will allow for a 23 week season with 2 position rounds and 3 chances at each team.  Previously, the 11 team required a couple bye weeks and only gave 2 matches for each of the other 10 teams.

I have started out pretty well with a 12-3 start on Wednesday leagues, I have messed up 3 EROs this season already...and I have none with one against me this past week. My Monday league is a part-time deal, but I have luckily started out 12-0 for the beginning of the season...it can only get worse! :)