Sep 13, 2011

Back To The Gold

Back in 2007, I shot on the Smooth Stones in the Widmer Wheat Gold...only because they wouldn't let us play in the High Roller Division. We ended up winning the league by 19 rounds and got 6th in the High Roller league in 2008. Since then I have had 2 kids and needed to decide which 1 league do I want to play in the fall, and who do I want to play with?

In 2009 I quit that High Roller team since I had more fun playing with my dad and company on our Sunday Peels league. We tried a 7 man rotation on Sunday and I joined up with Ryan, Brian, Eric, and Spike on Widmer Wheat Silver...poised to win the league. Spike died in tragic accident and pool suddenly didn't matter much anymore.

After a solid season last year with a little dissapointment in the final league standings, we took the city tournament by beating our nemesis in our WW Silver league.

This league is going to be a challenge for us, the top 2 teams from the WW Silver were moved to WW Gold (correctly so) as we pulled 20 rounds ahead of 3rd place. In 2009 WW Silver, we finished 4th but got stuck in A city...we managed to prove our worth by beating the WW Gold league champ and a couple other top 5 teams from that division after a 5-6th finish.

My dad and I played on a team this spring and won the league. Now the same team is back for the fall, and we are planning to do it again!

Last time I played WW Gold, I went 62-53 with a low 7 average. My goal is to win 70% of my games and finish in the top 5 overall for power average.