Jun 14, 2012

Lovers Lane [Joke]

A cop comes upon a car parked late one night on Lover's Lane. Upon further investigation he finds a male subject reading a book in the front seat and a female subject filing her nails in the back seat.

The cop asks the guy, "What are you doing up here?"

"I'm reading a book sir."

"Uh-huh. And what’s she doing?" the cop inquires, motioning toward the back seat.

"Well clearly, sir, she is filing her nails."

With a puzzled look on his face, the cop says, "In the 13 years I've been a cop I've never seen anything like this on Lover's Lane. How old are you son?"

"I'm 20."

"And how old is she?"

The guy looks at his watch and says, "Well in about 15 minutes she'll be 18."

Jun 13, 2012

Uneventful Position Round

After starting out the spring league 6-12, we have managed to finish very strong with 27-3 record the last 5 weeks. We have been stuck in 3rd the last 3 weeks as the top 3 teams have all shot well...only losing a couple rounds.

We are still 7 rounds behind 2nd, and 13 rounds ahead of 4th...so we will definitely get 3rd place in the league no matter what. Last season our 70% winning percentage was enough to take the league, this season the teams seem to be stacked a little better.

Probably gonna shoot some pool in the summer session...not sure though.

Jun 10, 2012

Nice Trickshot Video

This guy gets a girl into many different positions on the pool table...

Impressive...pool shots I mean!