Mar 29, 2011

2011 Lincoln City Pool Tournament

Well, after a poor performance in Master singles where I missed the "money" by messing up at 3-3 on the winner side...twice, the rest of the city tournament went as hoped.

Speed Pool - Tuesday

I signed up for the scotch double DYP tournament and got a B player I suspect...named Dan of course. Well the Dan's were no match for the Master-Master team that we drew for the first round...ELIMINATED.

As for speed pool, my first 3 attempts were around 1 min 15 4th was 1:08 ish and my 5th came in at 58 seconds. This was enough to qualify me 3rd for the Speed Pool Finals. Had Preston in the first round, race to came down 1-1 and we both shot the 8 ball within seconds of each other and I lost. Then my match was Cobber where I won 2 straight when he was called for a foul (?push shot?) and I finished 6 seconds later with his 10 second penalty. Then I managed to beat Preston to make the finals where I had Brad who won Master singles and speed pool last year. He whooped me...but 2nd was good.

Team City Tournament

I played very well throughout the team city tournament, with 5 EROs and another 10-0 in the 25 games that I played...18-7 record. As a team we played well, but struggled a couple times where we didn't play our best game. We gave up 20+ ball leads during our Thursday/Friday night matches, but managed to sneak them out. Saturday we had an IMPORTANT match at noon with our league night rivals (Risky's Broken English).

To make matters worse, I got 5th row seats to Kenny Chesney for my wife for Valentine's Day...which was that night. If we lost to Broken English, we played at 5pm and no concert for me...if we win, we play right away at 2:30 and are done until Sunday whether we win or lose at 2:30.

Well, I broke and ran for a 10-2 against their best player in the 1st round...won 10-1 after banking the 8 ball in my next game, then broke and ran again for a 10-1 in the 3rd round. I think we were only up 8 then...

Going into the last round, we were down 2 and I was first and broke and ran to hook myself on the 8 ball.

Then my opponent missed a combo and game be another chance to win 10-5 and I missed the 8 ball in the side...tried to leave him a long shot, but he managed to get out.

My dad was 2nd in the line-up against their best player, who broke and ran for a 10-0. So, we were down 2, I lost 7-10 and my dad lost 0-10...we are down 15 with 3 games left. I really thought that was the last straw for us and we would again lose to them in an important match.

But Chas gave us some life when his opponent messed up a safety and gave him a chance to pull off this runout...

A few minutes later, Brian hooped and hollered after banking his last ball in for another big win.

Now the score was close enough that it meant whoever won the last game...would win the match. Ryan has never let me down...but did lose after one opponent got lucky against him!

Ryan's opponent scratched giving him a chance to runout his 2 solids and the 8 ball with ball-in-hand. He started with the right shot taking the combo...just have to make sure that you don't accidently make both solids and hook yourself on the 8 ball.

Shape off a ball hanging in the pocket (duck) can easily be messed catching a little more (or less) of this object ball it will greatly affect the speed remaining on the cue.

Well, he left himself a bank at the 8 ball...WHAT...he is going to cut that, no friggin' way. I walked over to look at the angle and didn't think it was "makeable"...but now I wish I'd have gotten my camera out to take a photo or video of this shot. His opponent called a ref over to watch the shot...but the stripe was past the 8 so it would be obvious if it was good or not

He dropped it in and our team yelled (even before the ref called it good)...BEST MATCH EVER.

We played Stacked in the finals on Saturday and again on was close on Saturday, but not Sunday. In the Sunday Finals, we played awesome...taking a 101-51 lead after 12 games. My dad fell to his knees after an ERO in the team finals...

Team photo...need to get a plaque for our bar Cappy's since he treats us so well! They have good food and fun poker nightlife at Cappy's.

Mar 17, 2011

Widmer Wheat - Final League Stats

Well, I've been regretting this update for a couple weeks now...but here it goes. With 2 weeks left in the season, Broken English going to be on a bye week the final week, and no position round we played them. It didn't take a math whiz to figure out a few different scenerios that could happen...

1. We go 3-3 and have to go 5-1 in the final week
2. We go 4-2 and have to go 3-3 in the final week
3. We go 5-1 and have to win 1 round in the last week
4. We go 6-0 and WIN the league no matter what
5. We win 2 rounds or less and get 2nd.

Well...we went 2-4 and lost the league, then went 5-1 in the final week where none of us cared too much. We definitely had our chances, even after a couple bad rolls where Ryan scratched in the sidepocket it came down to the last round. It was 2-2 and tied up going into the last round, so essentially whoever wins the last round will go 4-2 and win the league (assuming we win 3 rounds the last week).

Here is an example of one of the bad scratches I referenced...cost us a 10-0 chance, or a 13-point swing

It has been a while, but I have to give credit to Risky's Broken English for taking us down in the last round. After I won 10-2, it came down to our last two players and we were 6 up...meaning they had to win both games to "win the league". didn't turn out for us, and it could have just as easily been on me if I had been later in the round.

We played Risky's Broken English 3 times and went 2-4, 5-1 (position round) and 2-4 again...

9-9 even steven.

Cappy's and the other top teams from our league are in the "B Bracket" at the city tournament and we would love a chance to settle the score. We played in the "A Bracket" last season and won 5 matches including the league champion in a division up from us. I believe the other 3 teams that were moved up to A went 2-and-out at city last year. We certainly have the capability to win this division and will likely run into our Broken English again.

It is funny, last season we finished 4th in the league...and are a big reason the Broken English finished 3rd since we beat them 5-1 or 6-0 in all 3 meetings.

Usually when a team wins 80% of the rounds in a league, they are a clear winner...but it was fun to again have a team on our heels the whole way.

Mar 13, 2011

...A Different Kind Of Trickshot

Did you aim? Should have written "I aim to please, You aim too please"

Mar 4, 2011

Solution #26

I definitely like solids here...the only problem I see is that the 4 ball has limited options for a pocket.

The 4 ball has both side pockets if you get the 6 ball out of the way...

The shape off of the 1 ball is going to determine your plan of action here...

What are your would you do it? Remember, you need the 10-0 for the match!