May 30, 2012

Spring League Comeback

After starting out pretty rough in the Spring pool league, we have managed to comeback for a chance to win the league. we finished strong to win the league, and I have hopes of pulling it off again. Personally, I am struggling a little bit with a 18-12 record.

My pool team started off 6-12 at the begining of the season, and have gone 16-2 the last 3 weeks to get within striking distance. There are 2 more weeks until the position round, and we probably need to climb to 2nd to get a chance at the top spot. It is rare to see a lurking 3rd place team win a league in the final week position round...but it is certainly possible.

Tonight we play the last place team in the league, hopefully we can play well and gain a little bit on the top 2 spots.