Nov 19, 2010

Solution #11

I would probably try this 2 way shot here. If you can leave the cueball on the top right part of the table, you should have shape for your last ball and make it tough for your opponent if you miss.

Probably make this cut shot 3 out of 10

The alternative is a safety, the perfect shot would hide the cueball behind the 11. Getting your 11 off the rail is also a positive to this shot. The down side is that a little "roll-out" on the table could cause you to scratch or double hit the 11 ball.

Turning the table, if I were solid...the runout is tough even if you make the 7 ball in the side. You'll need a good angle on the 2 ball to get shape in a small window for the 6 ball.

This safety is pretty easy, just FIRST: make sure you make the 12 ball in the combo. SECOND: Error on rolling the cueball too far forcing your opponent to bank if you don't hook him behind the 7 ball.

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