Sep 17, 2010

Challenge #2 Solution

Here is my solution for 8 Ball Run Challenge - #2

I have decided to take stripes...really only a couple options here, 6 ball for solids or 9 ball for stripes

In taking stripes, you need to identify any breakouts that you'll need to do. It appears your opponent has broken them nicely, such that either suit (solid/stripe) can be runout without disturbing anything else...preferably!

The 14 ball and 15 ball could create issues later in this run out...need to get one of these out of the way at the beginning of my run.  The other key ball I see is the 11 Ball, this one is in the middle of a lot of traffic.

You will notice that I've added a cueball to these images, to hopefully provide the english applied to the shots to make this work.  The speed of the shot is also important, and can be gaged by the distance the cueball travels on these diagrams.

As I said before, I like shooting stuff in the side pocket...even though many books suggest otherwise.

This shot is a little more advanced, with more risk of missing it as well.

In running this rack out, I noticed that the 13 ball is another key that 3 out of 6 pockets are blocked.

Well 4 out of 7 stripes were shot in the side pockets...wonder where I should make the 8 ball! :)

Please, feel free to drop me a comment at if I can make these better or if you have a question you'd like me to present to the group!

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