Oct 15, 2010

Solution #6

Here is the 8 Ball Run Challenge from last week...

So would you take solids or stripes?

I like solids here, and getting shape on the tough 4 ball right off the bat.

I may have set up to take the 3 in the side if I didn't like the angle I had on the 4 ball

What is the other key solid to get out?

The 7 ball is tough, I'd probably try to get it earlier instead of taking it last as I do here..

But going 2, 6, 7 is pretty easy shape to get...

Shape on the 7 leaves option to take the 8 in the same corner or in the side...I like the side!

I sometimes have trouble with the long distance shots into the corner (probably because I shoot balls in the side too much!)

I'd hope to run this out at least 1 out of 4 times, this spread is pretty good...but could be messed up.

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