Sep 10, 2010

Challenge #1 Solution

Obviously, there are 100 ways to run this out (and 100,000 ways to F it up!) But here is my 8 ball run for Challenge #1

The key ball in this runout is probably the 15 Ball as it is blocked to it's preferred pocket, by the 8 Ball!  I'm starting with the 10 ball since I have an easy shot at it and it is near the end-rail

I have left myself lots of options here...but the 13 has a good angle to potentially get a good shot on the 15 ball (KEY BALL)

Since I got a good angle at the 15...I alway seem to diagram my shape perfectly :)

I'll take it...

Again, I've left myself many options here...after looking at this again, I may take the 14 ball (NEW KEY BALL) instead of the 12 here. 

Now the 14 is the key ball since I took the 12 ball eariler...

I'm planning to take the 14 in the side pocket...I prefer the side pockets, not sure why.  So the 11 ball is natural shape to get the 14 in the side.

Just a little draw off the 11, but a stop shot would be okay still.

I really didn't get any comments on the original challenge, hopefully there will be more interest in upcoming weekly challenges!


  1. If you take the 12 early, the 15 will go in that upper left corner too...

  2. I hate the side pocket!


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