Sep 24, 2010

Challenge #3 Solution

Here is my run attempt...

I like taking the tough 6 ball here to start off the run, really the key ball is only the 7 ball after you drop the 6

I didn't think the 1 would go by the 5 ball here...hard to tell from a diagram, need to one-eye-it!

Coming between these 2, gives you options at either one...even the 4 if you don't like the angle you left

I do like the side pocket and may shoot the 1 now...or take the 3 and shoot the 1 in the other side!

Thinking back, I'd probably take the 1 first to get a better angle at the 3.

Need to get a steep angle at the 4 to allow for shape on the 7 in the open side pocket!

This is not easy to get, but if you get a good shot at the 7...the 8 is cake!

The 8 is a nice cut into the corner...seen people choke on the money ball though!

Please, feel free to drop me a comment at if I can make these better or if you have a question you'd like me to present to the group!

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