Nov 16, 2010

League Week 9

Well, last week was our bye week...and we managed to drop from 1st to 2nd when we didn't even play?

The top standings is based on win percentage and Broken English went 6-0 again last week to pass us even though we had a 1 round lead before.

Tomorrow we play the 1st place team at our bar (Cappy's)...last season I think we beat them all 3 times we played them. So we definitely have their number, it would be nice to 6-0 them like we did last year a couple times.

Their team is pretty much the same and our team is a stronger than last year, should be a good prediction is a 4-2 victory. A bad night would be 2-4 them and I wouldn't be surprised if I was writing that we went 6-0 again on Thursday morning.

We have struggled a little the past couple weeks...we've won total by 20 and ended up 3-3 for instance.

The 3rd place team isn't close enough to prevent a rematch in a couple weeks in the position round. My prediction is 8-4 in our upcoming matches against Broken English...

We will likely be playing this team 4 times, as compared to the rest of the teams being played twice. If anything, this ought to bring 3rd place a little closer...especially if we dominate these matches like we did last year!

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