Nov 3, 2010

How To Break 8 Ball

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been in a dry spell for breaks lately...but my break has been letting me down lately. The last 4 weeks of league I have broke 10 times and only made a ball 4 of those times, no scratches. 60% dry breaks is probably just a statistical anomaly.

Here is how I typically break, and am usually 80% effective at making a ball with a nice spread. I scratch probably 1 out of 15.

Here are some other ways that I broke until I finally settled on the above method.

These are a couple of the less serious ways that I have broke, usually in a fun side game...but I did look and there is no rule against hitting a rail before the cueball strikes the rack.

How do you break...drop a comment!


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