Nov 30, 2010

League Update, Week 10

Well, our last pool league night didn't go well against the new #1 team in our started off really cruel the first round when this bad double-kiss roll that Ryan got cost us the first round.

After the left their best player who is 39-6 overall in league an easy out. I would have done the same thing for the breakout most likely...

We ended up fighting back to 2-2, down 3 or so balls going into the last round. Chas (35-5) broke dry, but left it wide open to get ERO' was the battle of the two top records in the league in that game and we got, well unlucky.

I played poorly my last game missing a breakout shot with ball in hand...and we lost the last round 50-20ish.

We will get to play these guys again in the week 12 position mercy! (and maybe a few rolls...)

Here are the updated standings for week 10...the top team has their bye this week and we play the Felt Lizards and need all 6 to stay within striking distance of Broken English

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