Oct 19, 2010

Week #5 League Recap

We played at home this past week and played a team that was at 0.500 in the league, the South Sliders.

This opponent was a younger team with relatively new players, except for Tony, at least according to our local league stats. There weren't many safeties played this week, mostly run-n-gun style playing.  I prefer to play like that, but only won "3 out of 5" of my games this past week.  Partly due to under-estimating an opponent slightly, as I broke and attempted to run out a tough rack. Assuming my opponent would give me another chance based on his previous games.

Chas shot another 50, and now has 4 "50's" with a win/loss record of 23-2.  We have all won some key games to get some rounds, but this good start from Chas has had a big impact to our team record of 27-3.

With a win percentage of 90%, this is the best start a team I've been on has ever done...

I remember our Sunday Incognito team had a substaintial win/loss record in 2008, but we had "Who Cares" on our butt all the way through the season, needing a 3-3 or better the final night to win the league!

It almost seems like our team is in the wrong division, although we did get 4th in the silver last season. We changed 2 players definitely for the better!

Back in the Widmer Wheat in 2007, our team pleaded to play in the Master HiRoller League. We instead dominated the Widmer Wheat Gold, won team A, and made the top 10 at Midwest. Sometimes it is a little fun winning, just hope it doesn't hurt the quality of our pool decisions.

This week we play at Drifter's against the Screw-ups, I haven't had an ERO for a while (but have messed up 3 or 4 high percentage ones)...looking forward to extending our lead tomorrow night!

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