Oct 1, 2010

Cappy's 8BallRun.com League Recap, Week 3

Everyone played well on Wednesday night leagues, we managed to go 6-0 with a close one in the last round.  My dad got ran out on and lost 1-10, and it came down to either Chas or I needed to win.  Chas shot his 3rd straight 50 and is now 15-0...

My dad had this shot in the 4 round for a 10-5, here's the diagram

...and the video of his kick in.

Brian had a tough 8 ball shot here, it is a potential scratch shot if you slow roll it...(and you'll leave the 8 in front of the hole if you miss)

I probably woulda fired it, but would have had a better chance to miss it.

Well we play the new 2nd place team next week, hope to keep it going and extend our lead.

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