Oct 26, 2010

8 Ball Run League Recap, Week #6

Well I'm falling behind a little bit on my updates, but that isn't because things have been going badly! We played quite well again at Drifter's this past week, winning 5-1 to bring our record to 32-4!

Our team record it 108-42 in 8 ball games...which is 72% overall. This is quite dominating!

Comparing this to the best league 8 ball team performance's that I've been a part of...

My Incognito team 8 ball game record was 302-198 ~ 60%

My Smooth Stone team 8 ball record was 335-215 ~ 61%

Maybe we have just been hot...but it definitely is a lot of fun!

There are 4 teams that haven't had a bye yet, and we are one of them. We have a bye the first week of November (I think). This week we play the 4th place Sun Valley Straight Shooters at Cappy's...I think we have only lost 1 round at Cappy's so far this season!

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