Sep 20, 2010


Decided to sponsor the team this year, so we named the team after my website... the other team member thought I was a dork! :)

The first night of league was exciting to say the least!

We picked up a new team member, Chas...and we were playing his former team at our home bar.

Chas started off with two EROs his first 2 games, and won all 5 shooting a 50. Brian also had an ERO and shot a 47...but also made a HEGONE shot to win the round in the 3rd round.

Brian need to win 10-6 to get the round and his opponent got somewhat lucky to miss and leave this...

Brian got his jump cue out while our team discussed that kicking at it may be a better option (what I should have done is get out my video camera)

Brian fired in this jump shot and stood frozen until it was determined the cue wasn't gonna scratch!  Awesome moment...

Our team won 19 out of 25 games, losing the 4 of the 6 games to one player. In my loss, I broke and ran off 6 balls...meant to miss my last ball. But my opponent ran his out against me, appearing to be out of shape when this happened.

It was definitely a fun night out shooting pool...we should be able to win the Widmer Wheat Silver league, at least that is the plan!


  1. This is awesome that you maintain a blog for your team! I think the Internet is not being utilized at all in the Lincoln pool community, and it could be very beneficial. For instance, why are we writing down scores and faxing them in? It seems to me a web form would make this so much easier (and it could automatically accumulate the scores, lessening chance of error).

    Obviously this implies that the bars would need Internet access and computers on hand (or at least Wifi nearby, and a player could bring a laptop). Long way to go, but I still think it's a good idea that should be considered.

    I'll be following this blog! I just wish we would get a chance to play you guys (we are on Widmer Wheat Gold). Cheers, and good luck.

  2. We are planning to take this silver crown, the gold will be next year! Maybe we will draw you in the city A tourney...I was surprised that we were stuck in Silver!


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