Sep 23, 2010

Cappy's Week 2 Recap

Well after a nice 6-0 start, we drew the other team that won all 6 the first week...SV 8 Ballin'

Chas and my dad both shot a 50, Chas & I both had an is the end of my ERO run.

I typically shoot rather quickly, but paused at this point to decide the best way to make the two balls that had the preferred pocket blocked!

I managed to get perfect shape on the 14, to get me near the foot rail to get out.

I seem like it would be easy from here...except I deadended my follow through on the 9 ball shot to make the 8 about as difficult as I could!

I still had a good chance at the 8 ball, and dropped it...

Chas's opponent played a safety in his first game, he had to kick the duck 8 in...he was happy to get a 2nd chance. He rattled it the first is a diagram!

And the video...

I think the other team (and my team) may complain if I start with FLASH photography! :)

We again won 19 out of 25 games, but managed to lose 3 out of the 6 games in one round and lose it.  5-1 tonight, 11-1 overall!

Our team is psyched to play together, some of us are saving up for VNEA Vegas and all of us are ready to win Midwest! 

Chas told us about a funny ass commercial with Jamie Pressly and Axe ball scrubber...none of us had seen it, so I loaded it on my Droid and we took a break in during round 3 to watch it. Here it is for those that missed it like me...

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