Sep 29, 2008

8 Ball Run Out

Falling behind with my league updates, but I'll give it a go.

Wednesday Master league...

First game, broke and made nothing, and my opponent had an easy layout..but missed leaving the ball in the jaws.  Of course I had no easy shot, with the best defensive or offensive shot being about an 70-80%.  And I missed it, losing 0-10

Next rack my opponent broke and came up dry...I ran out the rack with awesome shape, shown below in the images.

We were 1-1 on the rounds going in the 3rd game.  Me and another guy were last for the round, and we needed to win one of the games for the round.  Playling on 2-tables, we both broke and scratched and got ran out on 10-0, 10-0.

We ended up going 2-4 for the night...dropping to 4th out of 12.

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