Nov 4, 2008

Gibby's GI Tournament

Played in the Fall Classic 9 ball tournament in Grand Island this weekend with my wife...I shot well, but my wife drew last years womens champ the first round and it went downhill for her.

Squeezed a small money match in while waiting in the tournament...and I maintained my AzB King Nebr title. Not as good of new in the Fall Classic in Grand Island....which drew a couple ringers from Iowa and Colorado. Race to 7/6 double elim...

I won my first match 7-5, then lost 4-7..messing up a couple easy runouts. In the losers bracket I won 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Then I got down 4-5 and broke and ran to make to hill-hill. The last game was mostly a safety game, then I had the first chance to get out. I missed the 6 in the side, and my opponent ran out...this will eat me for a while since this woulda got me into the money. Basically at least a $40 miss! Here's the layout...

EDIT: Found out that K. Sabin, the one I missed this shot against...ended up getting 2nd and $450, plus $500 for the calcutta.  Grrr..

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