Nov 30, 2008

8 Ball League Update

Our team finally made a comeback in our league, winning 4-2 against the last place team. My first game I broke dry and got ran out on for an 0-10, but managed to win my other 4 games to shoot a 40.  The first round we were down 8-30 after 3 games to lose the first round.

The last round I broke and ran out for a lucky 10-0 since I nearly scratched for 8 ball shape and got lucky to make the tough 8 ball I had left.  The last 2 guys on our team lost, and we ended up losing the last round also.

This brings my master league record to 22-23 with 6 EROS.

Substitute League Night...

Filled in for a team last night, won 4 out of 5 and lost on a break and run 0-10. The last game I worked out a runout that I appeared to mess up when my shape rolled a little too far. Ended up having a masse', not an easy little squirt curve...but a "roll 3 feet, then curve" kinda shot. After I made it, it resulted in my first fist pump in pool in a loooooonnng time.

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