Dec 15, 2008

Mid-season League Update

Pool leagues on Sunday went great yet again. Went 5-0 in leagues, with a 50-18 point spread. This brings my win streak to 7 and my record to 43-7 in this league. had a tough run out in my first game, the 8 ball was tied up and I went for rail-first shape.

My other option would have been to try and drive the cueball in between the stripes, but I didn't like my chances of getting a shot.

About two-thirds through our fall pool leagues, our team is in 1st on Sunday, and my record is 43-7 with 5 EROs

And on our high roller league our team is in 7th, but only 2 rounds out of 4th. We are the best Drifter's team out of 5, maybe we'll win a prize for that! I have a 30-35 record with 6 EROs...blown quite a few games and had 8 EROs against me.

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