Apr 11, 2009

2009 City Pool Re-cap

The 10 days of Lincoln's city tournament were up and down, luckily ending on a high for the weekend.

Started off playing a rated 9 ball tournament, masters had to win 4, A had to win 3, and the rest had to win 2 games. My first match was against the eventual winner of the tournament, he needed 3 games and I needed 4 games. He made a 9 on the break and ended up beating me 3-3...somehow. My next match was against a 2, and he snapped the 9 the first game...making me win the next 4 straight and I failed. Out of the 9 ball, I played a mini tournament and won $25 on a $5 entry, 8 person tournament. The finals were against a team-mate, but he got $15.

Our masters team didn't do well, it was bracketed and as the 6th place team in the league...we got an "easy" match in the 11th place team in the league. Throughout the whole match, the runouts were a plenty... Our team had 4 (2 were mine) and the other team had 3. We built up a 13 point lead with 3 games left when they broke and ran for a 10-1. Now the lead was 4 and 2 games left with my game up... I broke and ran and missed my nudge on the 10 ball leaving myself a backcut for the runout and team match win. Then this happens...

My opponent gets ball in hand and runs out...now were are up 1 with a game left. And this is the situation the final two players were in...

Probably the same safety that I woulda played...but it ended up costing us the match with the bank luck going their way!

Our master team then managed to win one match, before losing out the next day for $150 payday. My wife had been at the tournament site the whole day and was still interested in playing a scotch doubles tournament at 8 (or 8:50 as it was) that night. We discussed going to the casino, but decided to play instead. The women break in the scotch doubles 9-ball and my wife fired the 9 in on the break while I was in the bathroom in our first match. The next 3 matches went that way until we found ourselves down 0-2 in a race to 3. We played great together and pulled it out to get to the final 4. Our next match was probably the best team in the tourney, and we again fell behind 0-2. This time a couple poor safeties got us the match in 3 straight games. The finals were a bruisin at 3-0 and we took the title!! Definitely had a blast...and got $160. Great ending to the weekend...here's a picture I took of the bracket!! :)

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