Apr 27, 2009

2009 Midwest Day #1

Our team headed up north this past weekend to Sioux City, IA for their team tournament. Our team squeaked into the open division and should definitely have won the dang thing. We started off winning our first match easily at 10 am in the shortened 15 game format, then in the 2nd match at noon we were up 15 through 9 games when our opponents got crazy hot.

I got ran out on here for a big loss...

Within literally seconds, a ref was watching the neighboring table on a jump shot that was being shot against one of my team members.

These guys were definitely not this good...but they ended up getting 16 up with 2 games left. Then Jay broke and ran for a 10-0 to get us within 6 needing a 10-3 to win. The guy broke and ran only 1 leaving him needing on more ball since they had more 8 balls wins. Overheard the other team saying that they needed 2 to win...this almost made a difference as I'll explain later. Rex gets up and runs off 4 or 5 and gets tied up with a ball and tries a safety. There is one easy ball to make on the table, but he takes the more difficult one since it'll set up the 2 ball victory. He rattles it in, but leaves himself nothing and their team groans as we walk over to shake hands and inform them that they have won....with a delayed victory cheer to follow.... ARGGGH

We won handily at 6pm, 7:30, and 9 to meet up with the same team again for our last match of the night at 10:30. We proceed to get up 16 with a couple games left and took the match. Now we play at 9 the next morning and decided to hit the bars and Perkins until 4am!

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