Apr 28, 2009

2009 Midwest Day #2

After bumming a bed from Wathor and Russell, I managed about 4 hours of snore induced sleep before the early morning match. We rolled up the first team where I didn't miss a shot...this continued into the next match.

Our 2nd match was a team from Fremont and Jay had an ERO to get us up 25-14 after 3 games. Then my game came up...where they broke and ran, and I woulda bet anything that I was going to get a chance. I stood up out of my chair (preparing to shoot) after my opponents run seemingly stalled here...

Now this roll gave him a very possible opportunity to get out...luckily getting a breakout angle on a tough 13 ball to even get a shot at!

Of course he gets the perfect breakout and finds his way back to the 8.

This loss of mine was followed by a team member missing on a open table to lose 10-0 to get us behind 64-38 after 8 games. I won both of my next 2 games and the team won 5 straight to get to 88-88 with 2 games left a 50-24 run!

Both games started simultaneously with our break dry and theirs looking juicy! The guy from Fremont finished off the ERO with a bank 8 ball to take the match since enough balls were down on the other table. Of course a referee was again called for this shot...which kinda drove the guy to shoot the bank off the 3 ball and it turned out it was dead! No more refs for us!!

25-14 through 3
38-64 through 8 (13-50 run)
88-88 through 13 (50-24 run)

Watched them shoot a little of the next match and it was a completely different team...they were looking to lose against a local team that we regularly beat. They stepped up their game with 2 EROs and another runout for a 10-0.

We really shoulda took this tournament down...got 9th-12th outta 128 teams for a $350 payday!

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