Feb 9, 2011

Week 18 League Recap

Well, we started out rough this past week...but managed to finish out and go 4-2 to maintain a 1 round lead in our league. I had a game with "winner-wins" for the round and had 4 (COUNT EM), four chances at the 8 ball and missed them all. The first one I had was on my runout and was probably an 80% chance of making. The next one was a cross corner bank that is maybe 25%...then a thin cut that I'd say is a 60% and a longer thin cut that I say is 50%.

After league, I missed the shot 3 more times in a row and my team touted...50% Yeah Right! My dad and I shot around a little bit and I shot it and made it 3 in a row...here is the shot. The rest of my team thought I'd bank it in the side or corner...but the cut isn't that bad!

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