Feb 18, 2011

Solution #24

With a couple pockets blocked by your opponents stripes...you really need to think ahead on this runout. The angles (or lack thereof) can easily get you out of shape. I like the side pockets and would start off with the 2 ball in the side...with drifting shape for the 1 ball.

If you go past straight in on your 1 ball shape it makes the 3 ball shape a lot more tricky...but as long as you error on the side of caution (being short) you won't have to worry about scratching too much with the pocket blocked.

The shape for the 8 ball is probably the toughest shot here, the window is sort of small her and requires good speed control.

If you mess up this runout your opponent should likely get out easily on you with a couple ducks.

Practice this runout 5 or 10 times and drop a comment with your success ratio!

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