Feb 20, 2009

League Update

Haven't talked much about our pool leagues...but the seasons are nearly wrapped up.

First I'll talk about my Sunday Night league, below is the standings...

Our team is Incognito, and is in 1st by a few rounds with 2 weeks left. Our last two matches is the 3rd place team (Firesticks) and a position round against the 2nd place team (Who Cares). This season we have beat the 2nd place team 5-1, 5-1, & 4-2...so hopefully we can finish this league off. My record is 59-11 with 6 EROs, probably my best record ever. My team consists of a 7 man rotation including my wife, dad, and a 4 of my friends.


My other league on Wednesday Master league is going pretty well, a couple days ago our team beat the 1st place team 4-2 with an awesome MUST RUN-OUT by our last shooter. I know I'd choked on this run...and another inch of roll would probably resulted in going 2-4 instead.

Then this next shot wasn't easy with the match on the line...but I guess that's why I don't play last.

This maintained our team in 5th with 4 weeks left, we have the last place team in the league, the 2nd and the 8th place team left, then a position round. We're the Smooth Stones...

Only a couple rounds outta 3rd...which is still in reach, especially if we get to 4th for the position round against 3rd!

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