Mar 22, 2009

2008-2009 Final Pool Stats

Finished out the season with both my pool teams and this week is the city tournaments.

Sunday night we took the cake with a 4 round win against Risky's in a long fought 2 team race....beat them every time this season which was definitely the difference.

Won individual honors on Sunday with a 67-13 record, 7 EROs, a 9.10 average and 4.10 power average... hope I don't get a coaster like the City Single's champions are getting!

Everyone on my team played well this season and I'm looking forward to refining a team for the fall!

One my Wednesday master league, our team finished 6th out of 12 teams. I ended with a 57-63 record a 6.77 average and 9 EROs

Hope we can fare better in the tourney coming up!!

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