Jan 24, 2009

2009 Great Plains Tournament

Our team played in an open handicapped tournament today at Pershing Auditorium here in Lincoln. We started off really hot, beating up on the first team we played pretty handlely (Rumored to be Iowa team champs). But we played pretty well. Then we lost to the next team we played...but gave them a nice head start, giving them the first 5 8 balls. We had a couple hour wait so we headed to Duggan's for some grub and caught some 3 card monte...this guy is from Omaha and has some pretty good slide of hand! He took a few buck and put on a profitable show for himself.

In the loser bracket, we won our first match easily, then started off horribly with 6 straight losses out of the 16 game format. Then we went on to win 7 straight back to make a good match of it. Our last player played a perfect safety with his 5 ball, blocking him from the stripe.

Then he managed to get a hit with a lucky, but good kick off the titty... er corner of the pocket.

That was the end for us in that tournament...that kick shot cost our team $60 minimum since we missed cashing by one team win. All-in-all it was a fun day though.

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