Jan 27, 2012

WW Gold Update

After ending up 3-3 the last two weeks, we were a little disappointed. Mainly because we were up 3-1 going into the last round both times, and managed to lose the last round bad enough to lose total as well. This week, we played the 3rd place Kingpins and started off with 10-1 ERO and 10-0 ERO in the first round. Another guy on our team broke dry in the 1st round and had an ERO against him 0-10.

We managed to sneak out the 1st round, and didn't really have a chance until the last round. I needed to win my last game to go 2-4, but didn't get it after messing up my runout twice and tying up a couple balls.

We have our bye next week, then I'll miss pool the next week as my wife and I will be going on a cruise.

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