Dec 13, 2011

Pool Season Midpoint

After playing all of the teams in our league were were in 9th place, then we played a position round against 10th and won 4-2 putting us in 8th overall. In our position round match, we were down 1-2 and about 25 balls and came back to win the last 2 rounds and get total by a narrow margin (184-180). Ryan has been shooting great in the final spot, much like he did in the city tournament.

Our team has been down for runouts this past season, but we did manage to get 2 ERO's in the last round during our position match to sneak out a 4-2 victory. We will play through the teams again, starting with the same team again at our home bar...hopefully we can get 5 or 6 to fight our way back to 0.500 in the league.

My personal stats are down as compared to the last time I shot a "gold division" league. In 2007-2008 with the Smooth Stones I went 62-43 with 6 EROs, this season I am 28-27 so far with 3 EROs. Need to step it up!

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