Nov 10, 2011

WW Gold League Stats (Week 9)

As a team, we have finally turned things around a little bit on Wednesday night. Our team was 2 weeks away from being dead last in the position round week (forcing us to sit out that week) and in 11th place. We started off the league a respectful 11-13 after the first 4 weeks, then our team went 1-16 (1-5, 0-6, 1-5) the following 3 weeks to drop to last place. Last night, we managed to go 5-1 and give ourselves a little breathing room from the last spot.

I personally, played very poorly and was the only person to lose more than 2 games. I lost 3 games and shot a 34...there wasn't a single game where I had more than 2 innings at the table and my opponents were finishing me off when I made a mistake. I had an ERO in the 4th round as that was the only highlight of the evening for me.

I rearranged our team order, and Ryan (Mr. Anchor) was again last as he was in the our City Championship run. It came down to him 3 times (all 3 rounds that I lost in the 4th spot) and he won 2 of them. The video below, shows the result of Ryan's combo/safety that didn't quite work out. From my personal experience, it is very difficult to make the 8 ball when an AWESOME show was made on the ball before the 8 ball. Butch missed the 8 ball in the side and gave the game (and round) to Ryan.

Our team discussed not drinking until our 9:30 Cappy's Jagerbomb to get the team out of the cellar. Chas and I had glasses of pop and were ready to celebrate our 5-1 victory with 2 jagerbombs. Hopefully this is the turning point for our team and we will work our way back up to the middle of the pack. We are still more that a dozen games under 0.500 and will have our work ahead of us to recover from our 3 poor weeks of league.

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