Mar 20, 2013

Speed Pool 2013

As in the past years, I have spent the last few weeks gearing up for my favorite time of the year...speed pool. Shooting speed pool is very simple; break and shoot all the balls in with the 8 ball last as FAST as you can. There are penalties for fouls, but the goal is to shoot straight shots so the cue ball is ready to be struck again. The fastest 4 times qualify for the bracketed head-to-head speed pool showdown.

The past 9 years, I think I have made the final 4 every year...but I have never won the showdown. I can run 70 seconds pretty consistently, but need to shift gears for a better time since it typically takes 50 to 60 seconds to qualify for the speed pool finals.

This year Brad Bent had the best qualifying time with 43 seconds, Jay Thompson had 58, I had 61 and Shawn Cepurnieks had 63 seconds as I recall. I took a video of Brad Bent's first qualifying attempt, and knew that he would be tough to beat.

The finals is a double elimination 4 person bracket, best of 3 showdown with opponents breaking simultaneously. If there are no fouls, then the first to run and pocket the 8 ball wins.

1. Brad Bent - 43 Seconds
2. Jay Thompson - 58 Seconds
3. Me - 61 seconds
4. Shawn Cerpurnieks - 63 Seconds

Seeded 1 vs 4 - Brad beat Shawn 2-0
Seeded 2 vs 3 - Jay won Me 2-1
Winner side: Brad beat Jay 2-0
Loser side: I beat Shawn 2-0
Consolation: I beat Jay 2-1 (Both wins by a couple seconds)
Finals: Brad beat Me 2-0 (Not even close)

This was a fun tournament, and I am really thrilled to get 2nd...need to pick up the pace. New years resolution is to drop 20 pounds and 20 seconds off my speed pool time!

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