Jan 24, 2013

Best 8 Ball Record

I am playing a little over half the time on Monday, and while our team is in 2nd...we are barely within striking distance of 1st after beating 3rd place 4-1 this past Monday. I have a personal best 19 wins in-a-row and have a current streak of 16. 35-1 in 8 ball is definitely a fluke as there have been 4 or 5 games that my opponent should have beat me, and a couple other times I nearly scratched on a tough pocketed 8 ball. The game I lost, I missed the 8 ball twice...so go figure.

Figured I better capture a screenshot of this since I will be playing the 1st place team twice in a row and will be lucky to keep my current streak going. There is seemingly some pressure on my opponents to end my streak, so I have that going for me! :)

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