Dec 13, 2012

2012 League Stat Update

Monday I am a part time player and have had a very nice run, my record is 27-1 with a 19 game winning streak and a current 8 game winning streak. I have narrowly scratched on a made 8 ball twice so far and there were definitely a couple other games that I should have lost. My Game Average is 9.89 and Power Ave is 5.54 through 28 games...

The Monday team is in a distant 2nd right now, and definitely has some ground to make up.

On my more competitive WW Platinum league, our team is in last...there have been 4 tied rounds that we have lost this season. I predict us moving up a couple spots in the rankings...but we definitely need to get hot.

I am 40-25 with a Game Average of 8.1 and a power average around 1.4, out of the 65 games I have managed 3 EROs and only 1 ERO out of the 28 games on Monday. Maybe we will have a good city tournament this year...would be nice for our Wednesday team.

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