Mar 16, 2012

WW Gold Final Stats

We finished out the season in the Widmer Wheat Gold with 57-75 record, it was a tough season for us. We definitely didn't play as well overall as we did in the Silver division last year. After winning the 2011 City Tournament "B" Division" we had to move up to Gold and will be playing the A division of the tournament this year.

I finished the season 61-44 with 9 EROs and only a 1.03 power average. This puts me in 9th out of 50 or so in the league, with the league individual champ showing a record of 76-34 with 7 EROs and a 2.19 power average. We came a long way from last place after 6 weeks. We have shown that we can compete in the Gold, and overall our team is getting better as players develop.

One last thing, after a couple rough years in the Master division at city the VVS league operators have dropped my personal ranking from "Master" to "A" player. 2 out of the last 3 years I have been "one out of the money" in singles, definitely leaving missed opportunities on the table. Planning to show them up by signing up for Master singles with something to prove.

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