Apr 18, 2011

New Pool Case Purchase

I have been looking around for the past couple days for a new Custom Pool Cue Case for my Predator cues, my cheap vinyl case got beat up (by the baggage handlers) on my last trip to the VNEA International Championships. My current case has no strap (torn off by conveyor) and the top handle just collapsed during Midwest this past weekend. I couldn't find anything I liked from the vendors that showed up to Midwest this year...

In a team match an I noticed an opponent had a 4x2 Whitten Case and I instantly fell in love with quality and details that went into this custom case. After an hour looking at all the styles available at WhittenCases.com, I decided that I'd like to stick with a 4X2 since I planning to get a break cue this year (and have a jump cue). The case style that I like is #201, and I'd like to get something similar to this design, E Pearl Gator/E Black Gator.

Drop a comment if there are any other places you suggest I consider before buying one of these!

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